Experience of Accutane

I was fifteen when my doctor referred me to a dermatologist after having tried various acne medications that seemed to have no effect on my skin. During my first appointment we talked about my medical history then he took a look at my face and... Read more.

How i decided to go with Accutane

After some other people had helped me with some questions, I felt I should give back on my experience of taking Accutane for 5.5 months, as before I started taking... Read more.

Accutane might be the solution

From a young age I've always struggled with acne. When I was younger my skin was a lot more sensitive so any topical creams would hurt and dry out my skin. I went to the dermatologist a few times, but nothing seemed to help enough to be worth the pain or the money for all the products... Read more.

Accutane and skin diseases

Accutane - a new actor in the theater of operations - is a derivative of vitamin A, cis retinoic acid (known as isotretinoin). The drug with the commercial name "Accutane" was sold prescription... Read more.

Risk of accutane for girls teenagers

Adequate studies of the effect of the drug on pregnant women have not been carried out, but it is clear that the manufacturer has already come up with the idea that he may be another thalidomide. The information of the manufacturer attached to the medicine contains a warning... Read more.

Where does acne come from?

Acne is a disease of the sebaceous glands located about three millimeters under the skin. The glands produce an oily secret that lubricates the skin and hair and slows the evaporation of moisture from the skin, helping to maintain a constant body... Read more.

Is Accutane Right for You?

Having severe acne is often a very isolating experience. Although it happens to everyone, taking over the world feels significantly harder when your face is red and irritated. Most days, you feel helpless whenever you see your reflection in a mirror... Read more.

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