Risk of accutane for girls-teenagers

The results of experiments on animals are of great importance for girls.

Accutane can cause fetal malformations in the offspring of animals, in rabbits it was toxic to the fetus and led to a miscarriage. Adequate studies of the effect of the drug on pregnant women have not been carried out, but it is clear that the manufacturer has already come up with the idea that he may be another thalidomide. The information of the manufacturer attached to the medicine contains a warning:

If the patient is pregnant or can become pregnant during the treatment period, it should refrain from taking Accutane. Women of childbearing age can take the drug only on condition of effective contraception throughout the treatment period and should receive an explanation of the possible risk to the fetus in the event of a pregnancy. If pregnancy occurs during the treatment period, it is necessary to discuss with the doctor the desirability of its preservation.

The manufacturer is concerned about the developmental defects of the fetus so much that it calls to continue to be protected within a month after finishing the course of treatment with Accutane or until the normal cycle is restored.

No doubt, Accutane in most cases alleviates or eliminates the symptoms of acne, but the mechanism of its action, as well as side effects, has not yet been studied.

Risk of accutane for girls

Nevertheless, Accutane is prescribed by doctors as a harmless remedy without side effects, and if rare warnings sound, they are nominal.

Parents have a tremendous responsibility to decide together with their children whether this drug should be used. A child with a strong acne will experience an irresistible desire to be cured with his help. Adolescents are more likely than adults to disregard the arguments of common sense to achieve immediate satisfaction. A teenager with a severe acne is more likely to ignore the side effects of Accutane - his desire to "get rid of acne" is too great.

There are a lot of theories about the treatment of acne, but there are not really any helpful aids in addition to Accutane. Any doctor who has to treat acne has his own list of drugs, which, he claims, work. The effectiveness of any of the drugs from blackheads, as you know, has not been scientifically proven.

The strategy is to use the means most safe for the patient.

Just like unsafe, some of the medicines from these lists help, some do not help. The reasons for this are not known to anyone. The use of these medicines does not require the participation of a doctor, and parents can experiment with them until they find the most suitable means without spending a lot of money and not putting the child at risk.